If you like to buy whole coffee beans, then be sure your storage container is air-tight. The container should be dark rather than see through. Keep it in a dry, cool place. If you have one, a root cellar is ideal. A refrigerator works as well, but only if used for 2 weeks.

Ask family and friends for suggestions. All kinds of coffee exist; therefore, it’s likely that there are some types you haven’t tried yet. However, it’s possible these people might have tried them. Ask them about what they drink. Perhaps you will be invited to taste their personal favorites. You do not have to quit caffeine in one bold move. Make the transition slowly by making your own special blend of decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee mixed together. If your beans are already ground, then take half of each type and use them in the coffee machine.

A French Press can be used to create a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. Flavor is compromised by the paper coffee filters used in drip-style coffee brewers. However, French presses have plungers, which push the ground beans straight to the carafe bottom. This leaves the bean’s oils within the coffee, giving it a rich flavor.

Now that it’s so easy to stop at Starbucks and buy the perfect cup, few people are motivated to attempt brewing coffee in their own home. The following article will teach you how to continuously make the best coffee possible. Always use cold water in a drip coffee brewer. Never use warm or hot water in drip style coffee pots. The water heats up as it brews. Burnt coffee grounds can be caused by putting hot water into your coffee maker. Your coffee will taste bad and you could also be creating an issue with safety.

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